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We are an open and innovative architectural practice based in Dubrovnik. Multidisciplinary approach and large number of habitual collaborators of different professional profile ensure our successful  engagement with all dimensions of architectural and urban design. All projects are informed by a sensitive approach to place, the experiential potential of materials and construction and a concern for the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability. The practice is committed to a research-based approach, which is supported by the partner`s academic work and participation in architectural competitions and juries, and aspires to create an architecture that is contemporary and rooted in its context, at all scales.

marija beg
alberto bernabini
davor bušnja
juan ramón cárceles roman
ruben de la cruz
margareta jelačić jagodić
špela kočevar
ariana kun
antonio alvarez lameiro
mirta moravec
furkan mutlu
hugo neves
félix a. nieto pírez
eda plavljanić
léa quenet
javier santome regueira
tomi šoletić